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Rose Poseidon

Deep Blue & Green Silk Printed Scarf 182.88 cm

Deep Blue & Green Silk Printed Scarf 182.88 cm

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Deep blue embodies loyalty and intelligence it also signifies a deep sea storm. 

Deep green embodies growth, rebirth, natural elements, peace, and harmony. 

 The antique Kashmir Jamawar and Kani shawls have inspired this collection of modal silk scarves.

The scarf has a soft luxurious feel and impresses with its elegant color scheme. Fringes on both sides of the scarf. This versatile reversible scarf can be worn in many ways, like a wrap over evening wear, bridesmaids wrap, or around your neck with a winter coat.


Aesthetic: Classic

Fabric Content: 100% Modal Silk.

Size: 72"/28"

Care Instructions: Dry clean only

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Add some elegance

Provide an extra layer of warmth in colder weather, and layer a separation from your skin and the sun on a hot day but it can also be used as a covering on windy days.

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, a silky scarf is a versatile addition to any wardrobe elevate from simple to class chic.

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Useful Addition

Usually worn around the neck or head for warmth, sun protection and fashion. Yours 54yuhughcan be styled such as wrapping, knotting, draping, or tying. Scarves have been worn throughout history, and they remain a popular accessory today.

Fucshia Infused Silk

Ladies Power Play

The intricate design is exquisitely crafted and catches the light, creating a dazzling effect. We partner with artists who hand make each item.

Limone Luxury Silk
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