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Violet Perseus

Multi-Use Glossed Trays

Multi-Use Glossed Trays

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One of the best ways to have your daily essential items while also having a neat and organized space without tedious item systems is a surface topping tray such as these!

Depending on the size and item selection of your surface allocate each item onto the tray as if your staging it.

Like giving that set of items a home within your home. 

The visible border of the tray allows you to pile and place any items onto the tray while keeping the other parts of the surface clear and shiny. 

For instance, one tray contains salt, pepper, olive oil, some garlic, and onion cloves this can be placed next to your stove counter and now you have a daily cooking tray sitting pretty right where you need it. It can catch and contain seasoning or oil spills or the skin shed of garlic and onion. 

Another example is you're coming back from a date or event, you take off your earrings, and rings and gently toss them onto the tray, you empty your bag and place lipgloss perfume, and a movie ticket on this tray also.

You know that this is your tray meant for this and it can compile all these precious pricey items near your bedroom or vanity so you can slip out of your clothes and get rest.

Without meticulously placing each item into a drawer or a compartment or into a keepsake book etc. It can catch any gloss or perfume leaks or catch the old wrapper from the gum instead of the floor. 

Can double as a serving tray, along with storage and organizer. In both pink and gray, they are the perfect subtle touch of luxury your home needs.

Material: Ceramic

Technique: Pigmented

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Colors: Pink and Gray

Finishing: Glossy Glaze

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Choice Selection

Choose pieces that complement the current set up / decor. With a little imagination and creativity, you can transform parts of your home space to elevate your vision for the environment.

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Flow of Decor

With incorporating items such as lighting fixtures you can enhance the beauty and ambiance of your outdoor space.

These decorative elements can transform dull and lifeless yards into welcoming outdoor havens. Outdoor decor is used to complement the architecture of the home and create a cohesive overall aesthetic.

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Days and Mood

Enhance ambiance by incorporating elements you resonate with and would enjoy. No matter what your goals are, there are endless possibilities to make your home and backyard truly your own.

Rose Gold Red Roses
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