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Neck Massager with Heat Portable Back Massager Universal Full Body Design

Neck Massager with Heat Portable Back Massager Universal Full Body Design

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Target sore muscles and ease tension.
Treat yourself to a luxurious massage wherever and whenever you need it."

~ Relieves stress with a circular kneading pattern

~ Spot focus technology for a no-knots muscle tone!

~ Multi-wear can be moved on your belly legs lower back and chest.

~ Hand Simulation for kneading out muscle knots from activity, stress, tension.

* Direction changes automatically every minute with a button to change the massage direction manually thorough and deeper. 

* 2 Hands-on-demand automatic 3-mode massage

* Relaxation In All Parts Of The Body: Have a deep and comfortable massage, It can take away your fatigue and muscle tension

* 8 Massage Nodes with Heat: The deep massage provides comfortable heat up to ( 116 F / 46 C ).
* Beautifully Designed: Fits many parts of the body and massages deeply. You can lay on the sofa or sit in an airport, lobby, or office enjoy a comfortable massage on demand!
* Our Neck massager overheat protection device and 15-minute auto shut-off function to ensure safety
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 15 (38) x 8 (20) x 6  (15) inches / (centimeters) ; 3.3 Pounds / 1.49 Kg

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lean back against a chair when using on neck or shoulder?

YES! If you would feel better to press the pain area more into the massagers you can certainly use a chair, couch, bed, or pull onto the handles. Just be careful not to rashly push the balls into a very hard surface.

How many heat settings? Can you use without heat?

Located on the inner flap of this device is a 4th button with 3 squiggly verticle icons. Click this for the heater setting to turn on/ off. There is just this button for the heat which can help reduce muscle tightness.

Will it really massage me?

Yes it really will and considering massages now days costing around $120 PER HOUR no wonder such an effective device began!

No more Diss - Ease


Enjoy your deep breathing with kneading


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Super classy design and superb funtionality

"We have a new baby and my wife has had a sore neck and upper back, she and I need this for our back"

Verified Purchase
As good as the Chiropractor

"It doesnt do your whole back simultaneously, but it also doesnt cost me $80 each time I use it"

Bobby Sprinkles
One of the best!

"I use this thing A LOT."

Game Changer

" As someone who has dowagers humo I never really thought something like this owuld be worth the money. Excellent purchase, highly reccomend if you have neck issues like I described."

Verified Purchase
Excellent gift.

"Now that so many folks work from home the shoulders cry out! Fifferent modes are just what the doctor ordered!"