South Sea Pearls

✤ When comparing the natural formation of pearls there is a value selection of size, shape, surface, and shimmers. 

  • The South Sea Pearl is known to be the most valuable based on these factors.
  • In this collection released are two large pearls set in gold allocated fine-grained salts.
  • A feminine centralization of light exudes on select items and natural tones of white, cream & nut milk hues. 
  • Something round and smooth deserves to be worn by you indeed.
  • Pair it with your favorite pearl jewelry to accentuate.
  • Your overall pearl items could be complimentary to your light classy lifestyle. 
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Aged Hermosa Rose

❦ Young flowers have yet to acquire the immense details found in the Aged Hermosa Rose.

  • Pink soaked in every sun-ray to create an ombré mix of Salmon, Tuscany, and Yellow Copper.
  • Topped of a woven grainy textured appearance, for a combined appeal of warm rose as your new staple accessory.
  • Primarily supplied by Dümmen Orange this flower originates from South America Ecuador & is an exquisite bright premature pink then a lovely deep tropical sunset mix when aged.
  • Includes gorgeous infusions using various aspects & angles giving uniquely matching sets.
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