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Aged Hermosa Rose

Youthful flowers have yet to acquire the immense details found in the Aged Hermosa Rose. A pink soaked in every sunray to create an ombré mix of Salmon, Tuscany, and Yellow Copper on top of a woven textured appearance for a combined appeal of warm toned staple accessory. 

Primarily supplied by Dümmen Orange this flower originates from South America Ecuador & is an exquisite bright premature pink then a lovely deep tropical sunset mix when aged. Includes gorgeous infusions using various aspects & angles of the Aged Hermosa Rose. 

South Sea Pearls

When comparing the natural formation of pearls there is a value selection size, shape, surface cleanliness, and luster/nacre thickness. The South Sea Pearl is known to be the most valuable based on these factors and we couldn't agree more.

In this collection released are two large pearls set in gold attribute atop fine-grained salts. There is a feminine centralization of light exuding outward on select items and natural tones of white, cream & nut milk hue. Something so round and smooth deserves to be worn by yours truly pair it with your favorite pearl jewelry to accentuate light accessorization complimentary to bold and colorful outfit looks.

Brand Mission

Centered here to provide items that help serve your level up journey with exceptional service. EmbiGlow mission believes in providing true and tested Ladies accessory pieces that complete your look and match the shine your nurturing within.

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    True ones fix another Queens crown in private & tell no one, we hold a no bull**** tolerance for discrimination towards anyone especially women

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